Dear Patients,

Thank you so much for all your positive feedback on the new Patient Education section. We hope to continue to build on this section with new articles from time to time .

This section was first launched with information on the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and the excellent Nutriline and Healthline toll-free telephone services run by the Ministry of Health . Since then we have added some new material which we hope will be timely and relevant to you .

Just in time for the holidays, do check out the Travel Health Tips which hopefully will help you keep healthy on that much-deserved vacation that you will be taking.

For the many new parents this year with babies under one year old , you may find the information on how to wean your child useful.

We have new articles on how to Lower Your Cholesterol Level and how to Quit Smoking , 2 very important lifestyle changes everyone cannot afford not to make.

Do check back from time to time as we expand the Patient Education section, and we appreciate any feedback that you may have.

Take care, and stay healthy!

Dr Daniel Chia